Sue Klaus,预防、教育和外展经理

Leading the Wellness and Recovery Program at Carelon Health of Pennsylvania by helping members and family members live their lives to the fullest. Managing Carelon’s educational programs by incorporating lived experience and member voice into a meaningful education culture that includes a wellness and recovery focus.


  • 教育硕士 - 阅读
  • 教育专业理学学士 - 特殊教育


  • 在 Pressley Ridge 的 18 年任期内,Sue 担任了七年的课堂教师和家庭联络员,帮助患有精神疾病和自闭症的儿童和青少年。她从普雷斯利位于匹兹堡的主校区搬迁到宾夕法尼亚州格林斯堡的农村,并在为儿童和青少年开发新的基于社区的住院治疗计划方面发挥了重要作用。
  • In 1991, Sue opened a Community Residential Rehabilitation program for youth and adolescents and managed all aspects of the program including licensing, training, hiring and certification of all treatment parents. She remained in this program with Pressley until coming to Carelon in 2004.