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مجوز اولیه در طول دوره اعلام اضطراری COVID-19

ترتیبات پرداخت جایگزین تحت COD-19

Carelon and our primary contractors continue to work with providers who qualified for COVID-19 alternative payment arrangements (APAs) to allow providers to restructure services in a way that maintains consistency of services for members during this emergency declaration. Along with OMHSAS and our partners, Carelon frequently assesses the situation and the emergency declaration guidelines. Carelon will continue to monitor providers’ financial needs and will notify qualified providers as appropriate and throughout the emergency declaration.

ویروس کرونا (کووید 19)

Carelon is actively monitoring the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic along with all recommendations from the CDC and state and local public health officials. The safety of our members, providers and employees is our primary concern. As such we have taken measures to ensure business continuity during this time.

Carelon hosts regular meetings with all of our in-network providers to discuss issues as they emerge during the COVID 19 crisis. We will continue this and other gatherings as long as is necessary. We are looking to hear your experiences, needs, barriers, as well as sharing what our interventions and strategies are to support our providers and members during this time from Carelon and primary contractors. If you have not already received an invitation, please contact your Provider Field Coordinator and ask for the link to join the meeting. To ensure your email is a part of our distribution list for all electronic communications and invitations going forward, please join لیست پستی ما برای دریافت آخرین به روزرسانی ها ، از جمله خبرنامه ماهانه ارائه دهنده ما ، ValueAdded.

Carelon wants to provide you with information on local resources, give you tips and answer some common questions. These resources may be helpful to you.

کودکان را ایمن نگه دارید - خط تلفنی سو Ab استفاده از کودکان 
1-800-932-0313 TTY 1-866-872-1677

راه حل اطلاعات رفاه کودک PA
1-800-932-0313 TTY 1-866-872-1677

تلفن ملی خط خشونت خانگی 
1-800-799-7233 TTY 1-800-787-3224

بخش خدمات انسانی PENNSYLVANIA

بیشتر نشان بده، اطلاعات بیشتر

بخش بهداشت پنسیلوانیا


بیشتر نشان بده، اطلاعات بیشتر


بیشتر نشان بده، اطلاعات بیشتر
  • منابع بهداشت روان COVID-19 Psych Hub – Carelon has collaborated with Psych Hub, mental health advocates and others to develop a free digital resource site to help individuals and care providers address behavioral health needs resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic

سو AB استفاده از مواد و مدیریت خدمات بهداشت روان (SAMHSA)

شورای ملی بهداشت رفتاری (BH) 

بخش برنامه های دارو و الکل

بیشتر نشان بده، اطلاعات بیشتر

اداره مبارزه با مواد مخدر

دفتر وكالت آمريكا در منطقه غرب غرب پنسيلوانيا


Carelon recognizes the hard work our providers have given for extraordinary work in these trying times. Below are photos and videos showing your experiences and how you’ve continued to persevere through this pandemic with all its challenges. If you or your organization would like to be included in a photo essay telling the story of COVID-19 from a provider perspective, please send your photo(s)/videos to نام / سازمان خود را به عنوان ارسال کننده وارد کنید و به طور خلاصه عکس را توصیف کنید. لطفاً از عکس افرادی که به آنها خدمت می کنید ، درج نکنید تا بتوانیم به رازداری آنها احترام بگذاریم. ما مشتاقانه منتظر مشاهده موارد ارسالی شما هستیم و همه کارهایی را که انجام می دهید جشن می گیریم!