Provider Manual


The prevention, education and outreach program strives to assist members in seeking a wellness focus on life style choices that will support improved behavioral health. The program is designed to provide information to the member which will ultimately enhance appropriate entry into the health care system at the most effective level of care, provide guidance to families associated with the mental health/substance abuse care receiver, and provide education on a variety of issues. Carelon believes strongly in the value of programs designed to:

  • Prevent the onset of behavioral health disorders
  • Foster early identification and referral of those with diagnosable disorders
  • Aid in reducing the symptomatic period or disability associated with a disorder
  • Reduce the risk of relapse/recurrence
  • Assist family members in reducing the risk that they will experience their own behavioral health problems as a consequence of caring for a family member with a serious disorder
  • Foster consumer and family empowerment and the development of improved self-help skills and resources that will promote recovery

The format of prevention, education and outreach information not only includes member-focused information but provider community service agency information as well.