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The Prevention, Education, and Outreach (PE&O) Department provides HealthChoices members and families with information and education on the HealthChoices managed care program, wellness, recovery, and navigating the behavioral health care system. The PE&O Department serves adults, children, youth/young adults and their families who are enrolled in the HealthChoices program. PE&O staff are available to assist members in understanding their rights and responsibilities, identifying community supports and resources, and providing information on wellness and hope for recovery.

Carelon believes strongly in the value of programs designed to:

  • Encourage members to seek a whole health and wellness approach to manage mental illness and substance use
  • Empower members and families to advocate for themselves through knowledge and education
  • Invest in local communities through active engagement where our members are born, grow, work and live
  • Include peer, member, youth/young adults and family voices at the table
  • Partner with local, state and regional stakeholders
  • Help members and families thrive!

You can find the PE&O department coordinators out in the local communities where members, families and providers gather.